I Don’t Belong Here

I only know how

to be one

kind of person

here, muffled

and unsure,

an outsider.

Too mysterious

to hide in the shadows

but too afraid

to speak up.

My core is too


but the crowd


far right.

I don’t belong

here, in a

space that

suffocates everything

I am.

I don’t want to sit

quietly in


biting my tongue

till it bleeds.

I don’t want to constantly


with everyone

around me.

For once,

I want to be surrounded

by men who have

emotions, who aren’t

afraid to write poetry

or cry during a movie.

Who don’t give a shit

about looking ‘weak’,

or bathe in toxic


I want to breathe

more freely, suffocation

won’t be a part of the


There will be space

for me to blossom

and bloom

to light up the

whole fuckin’ room.

And for once,

I will feel like I


like lyrics in a perfectly

articulated song.

No more

them always right

and me

always wrong.

It sounds like


while here

feels like Hell.


full of life,

I want to be more than just

an empty shell

that crumbles

under pressure,

light as a feather,

not always under the weather.



Free me.



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Aden Blake

Aden Blake


I’m just a maker in love with the complexities of the world. I get my big feelings out through poetry, writing, and painting.